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Affordable meth screening plans for property managers and landlords

Regrettably, the prevalence of methamphetamine (commonly known as crystal meth, ice, or P) is rapidly escalating in Australia, with rental properties bearing the brunt of meth labs and contamination. Shockingly, it’s estimated that on any given day, approximately 100,000 individuals across the nation could test positive for methamphetamine. This alarming statistic underscores the potential scale of contamination affecting properties nationwide.


Methamphetamine contamination occurs when a property is utilised as a meth lab or if occupants engage in meth smoking. Inhalation is the most common method of meth consumption, wherein the drug is heated and converted into vapor. This vapor settles on surfaces such as walls, floors, furnishings, and ducts, leaving behind a hazardous residue.

Properties contaminated with meth pose significant health risks to occupants. Exposure to even low levels of meth contamination can result in a range of adverse health effects, including nose and throat irritation, headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, confusion, psychosis, paranoia, hallucinations, anxiety, rashes, and breathing difficulties.

Remediating a meth-contaminated property is a costly endeavor, with cleanup costs typically ranging from $10,000 to $50,000, and sometimes exceeding this amount. In severe cases, demolition may be the only viable solution.


Many landlords and house insurances policies specifically exclude any claims relating to meth contamination.

Most property managers in New Zealand test for meth at tenancy changes and meth testing has become as essential as a Building and Pest Inspection prior to purchase.  Meth testing in New Zealand in rental properties has shown contamination in up to 50% of properties tested.

Screening for meth in Australia has historically been expensive ($500 – $2,000) per test.  We have worked hard to allow property managers and landlords to implement a meth screening program at a very low cost.   You can now implement a meth screening program, ensuring your properties are screened either annually or at every tenancy change from as little as $105.00 per year.

Property Managers and Landlords

Smoke Alarm Integrity is one of the few companies in Australia that provides both smoke alarm servicing and meth testing.  All our technicians are extensively trained in meth testing.

The cost of sending a meth tester to a property just to test for meth is high (due to time and labour costs).  As our technicians are attending your property at every tenancy change to service the smoke alarms, by having them also test for meth whilst they are there significantly reduces the cost of meth testing.

Prevention is better than cure, so responsible property managers and landlords can now protect their asset (the property) and the occupants (the tenants) for a cost no higher than smoke alarm servicing.  Our low, annual meth testing programs can only be used when Smoke Alarm Integrity is also servicing the smoke alarms in the property.  Our non-annual plans are available to anyone, whether they use SAI for their smoke alarms or not.